WhatsApp new features in latest update:what’s new?

WhatsApp has three new features coming up. The rollout for Android Beta version 3.1.3 testers has begun. Three new features will be available to users through this update. A dark mode feature of the WhatsApp is still in an awaiting mode.

New  Features –

  1. Animated Stickers – Animated Stickers feature, showing some animated packs available in future. To identify the animated stickers WhatsApp has given a small play icon next to pack so that user can easily understand.
PC – Wabetainfo
  1. Delete Message – Delete Message feature an option to the user to delete message chat after a certain amount of time by automatically. WhatsApp is still working on the feature (and it requires a lot of time to be publicly released), and in this beta they added a hidden improvement that shows the state of the feature (OFF or the time interval.

PC – Wabetainfo
  1. Account Transfer – Few days before WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for the iOS platform, now iOS users can register their WhatsApp account on the new device without asking credentials, if iCloud Chain is enabled. For Android user this feature is called Account Transfer. Now Android users can use their google API to allow to transfer your WhatsApp data on another device.

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